Skoene forteller (The shoes' stories) consists of a set of used shoes with build-in electronics (2016-2018).

The 30 shoes that were manufactured to "Tilføyelser" in 2016 and continued in the pilot in 2017 are portable objects with built-in sound. The items are made of used shoes equipped with electronics and a speaker. The sound are collages telling the story of the shoes. The shoes have two functions. They are portable GPS controlled storytellers, and they can link together to form a syncronized network of wireless speakers in a social, multi-channel soundscape. The shoes has been deployed in two dance performances. In the pilot dance performance, the shoes were the only source of sound and filled the room with 30-channel sound. As the dancers interacted with the sound elements and moved the shoes around, the sound image changed in a way that was unusual but very effective.

The shoes were then carried, by the dancers and audience to the beach, where the performance ended.

The shoes electronics are: Linux single board computer, Orange pi running Armbian, GPS, accelerometer, sound converter, 430Mhz radio.