"ARBEIDSMANDEN" was a joint project with Grethe Melby, Thomas Sivertsen and Jørgen Larsson.


It consisted of a concert and an installation and was part of Stunt Club at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo the 5. and 6. of March 2002. They performed Norwegian workers songs in the cafe and painted the exhibition space white while the same songs (in a somewhat different disguise) was played from two speakers. On the walls were projections of the lyrics from the songs, in white font, mixed whith live input from a camera faced towards the work space. As the painting went on, the new whiteness of the walls "covered" the lyrics.  Some documentation is available.

MP3s of selected output from the installation:
Frem Kamerater

Russisk Sørgemarsj

Fiendens Stormvinder

Hvem Skaffer Gull I Dagen