Multichannel sound design for Per Roar's performance, part 3 of his trilogy. (2006)

An Unfinished Story was devised in collaboration with performers from Oslo, Belgrade and Sarajevo; it was produced on location partly in Belgrade, but mainly in Sarajevo, where it also premiered in Viječnica, the former national library in Sarajevo. The performance lasted approximately 50 minutes and was designed to fit any larger assembly or congregation hall where the audience could share the floor with the performers. The performers were Slaven Vidak (Sarajevo), Peder Horgen, Kristianne Mo, Terje Tjöme Mossige (Oslo), and Marija Opsenica (Belgrade). Costume designer was Samina Zajko (Sarajevo).

The performance An Unfinished Story addressed a situation of communal grieving. The choreography was made and performed in collaboration with five performers and a sound artist. It utilized a manual wheelchair, an installation of chairs, and a video projection, and was devised to have the audience surrounding the performers on a shared floor. The premiere was in Vijecnica, the old national library in Sarajevo, in June 2006.

The performance was developed mainly on location in Belgrade and Sarajevo and with performers and artists from Oslo, Belgrade and Sarajevo. This cross-cultural dimension added a new challenge to the contextually based approach that had evolved in the previous parts of the trilogy. Here, the social-political context was the post-traumatic aftermath of the Bosnian War (1992-1995) in the former Yugoslavia. The objective was to create a performance that dealt with this legacy, and what it meant to live within this traumatic context marked by irretrieva- ble loss and painful memories.

Other central collaborators in the project included the local project co-ordinators Dušica Parezanović (Belgrade) and Sandra Sandbye (Oslo), Hamo Muhommod (Sarajevo) for his compilation of traditional folk dances from Sarajevo – taught us by Mersiha Zembo and Kolo Bosansko at Bosnian Cultural Centre (Sarajevo), the set designer Silje Kiise (Bergen), the movement advisor Ingunn Rimestad and the Gindler practitioner Gro Torgersbråten (Oslo). The project was co- produced with Dansens Hus in Oslo, KHiO, Rex cultural centre in Belgrade, and MESS in Sarajevo, and funded by Arts Council Norway, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Norway, Fond for lyd og bilde, Programme for artistic research Norway, and Intermedia at UiO.