Elektra is a national monument for water power, built in Tyssedal. It consists of a 35 meters wide spiral ending in a 6 meters high sculpture of stone and glass.

In the inner space of the spiral, Greyworld built in sensors in the ground, which is connected to a computer, running MAX/MSP.
The visitors activates the sensors and can play with the sound by moving on the surface.


Personell: Sculpturer and conceptual leader: Finn Eirik Modahl
Technical and musical material: Natasha Barrett, Jørgen Larsson.
Opening: May 2000.


Here are some sound examples. Remember, these are only examples of possible actions.

1 - background, transformators, turbines and manipulated waterstream

2 - rythm, alarm; when tapping a specific tempo on the surface, this will start in the same tempo

3 - simulated activity

4 - station start up, when running around the monument, this starts. This is a recording from Tysse 2

5 - all of the above, in a quasi composition