Arne Talsmann was Telenor''s (the largest tele company in Norway) speech synthesis engine in the early 00''s. It could speak Norwegian, but had a pretty strange and sometimes unwillingly funny pronunciation.

As John Hegre said, there is nothing more emotional than a talking machine. Mostly for the fun of it and inspired by international projects like Dictionaraoke and DX386 Rock Band, Larsson produced a couple of tracks with Arne Talsmann singing Norwegian pop songs in 2003. There were also produced generative videos to go with the songs when they were performed in concerts. These videos was generated by searching for images through Google for each word in the lyrics. The images was then automaticly downloaded and played back in sync with the words in the songs. The project was presented through a website at, which rests in the backyard HERE. (Norwegian only).

Three songs are available for your pleasure:

Min beibi dro avsted - (Delillos)

Forelska i lærer apostrof én - (Kids)

Her blir det liv Rai Rai (D.D.E.)