In 2005, Clear Channel tried to get a major deal with the city of Bergen as the only public space advertiser. In return, Bergen was supposed to get new bus shelters and some public toilets. A group of protesters and activists from different political backgrounds ran a big campaigne which resulted in a complete loss for Clear Channel.

Not only did they loose the deal, but after several trials they had to pay the city of Bergen the trial costs of 822 000 kroner in 2008. This action was done before facebook, but used web, mail and a online petition to organize. Jørgen Larsson was one of the driving forces in organizing, documenting and publishing online, but a lot of people was part of what was then known as "Byen Vår" ("Our City").The webpage is now resting here (Norwegian only).

One project that came out of the protests, was a collaborative work by Anne Szefer-Karlsen and Jørgen Larsson. Szefer-Karlsen writes this about her part, "Dette busskuret skal fjernes/This buss shelter will be torn down":

"This project consisted of several elements. First I photographed several bus sheds in and around Bergen. The photographs (50x60 cm) were then posted back in the bus sheds. This action was documented. The two sets of images were collected in a slide show and shown at Landmark, Bergen kunsthall Thursday September 15th and Friday September 16th 2005. Eight of the original photographs were donated to the Mayor of Bergen, Herman Friele, Friday September 16th during his monthly public appearances in the city. This is very much an artistic project for me; relating to site, memory and landscape, but it also happened to correspond with the political aims of an ad hoc group in Bergen called "Byen Vår" / "Our City" working against the possible future agreement/contract the Bergen Municipal is about to enter into with Clear Channel. All the 900 bus sheds in Bergen will be the responibility of Clear Channel. The Municpal does this to save money , but it has turned out that our politicians have not been able to negotiate a very good deal, selling out the public space for almost nothing. Leaving us with more advertising and less practical bus sheds (which are very important in a city where it rains so much!)."

Visit Szefer-Karlsen's webpage to see the pictures.

Larsson also made a poster out of her photographs, as seen above.