The Shareday was a political action April 2003 that fuelled an ongoing debate about copyright and filesharing.

A new copyright legislation was in progress in Norway and Jørgen Larsson wrote PNEK's submission on the law proposal. (Norwegian)

On The Shareday, KOMMANDO invited musicians and the public to come to Bergen Kunsthall during the day to share their music, by burning CD-copies to give away. After the action, a panel discussion on filesharing and copyright was held at Landmark. The debate was led by Tellef Øgrim and the panel consisted of Per Platou, Mikal Telle, Thomas Gramstad, Nils Heldal, Andreas Galtung, Knut Bøhn. When the debate was over, Fredrik Saroea and the Saroeas, Jet Jaguar and Dupermann played from the stage above the bar and Platerytter Blandebord played records.

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