(In the Ring) was commisioned by The Borealis Festival. It was a piece for four marching bands, computer processing, large 4 channel PA and a public space.

The piece tries to capture the energy and power in this Bergen speciality. The best drummers from four of the city's 14 "battalions" were invited to parttake in the project. First with recordings and interviews, and later with the performance.The marching band (buekorps) were: Dræggens Buekorps, Nordnæs Bataillon, Nygaards Bataljon and Wesselengens Bataljon.
The performance took place at le Bulls Plass, right in the center of Bergen, March 10th at 2 PM.

The piece was partly inspired by this drum fight (slagerkonk) I recorded in 2005:

Here is a short coverage on the National TV: