The second project in the mrkl-series, Ost Port was a collection of 10 portraits found on a french porn site.

"I stumbled across this searching for a picture of Helga, to use in a Talsmann video. A Parisian company had an open catalog of mature women having sex with younger men. The last pictures of each set are portraits of the persons holding up their passport or other identification."


Probably to assure the visitors of the actors' age, they present their ID papers, after they have had sex. The sweat is still visible, some of them are still naked. The collection was presented as single portraits, leaving it up to the spectactor to find the possible couples if they liked. Ost Port was presented in Galleri Blunk in March 2003. The collection was also published at the MRKL-site.

Review by Gry O. Solbraa (Norwegian only):