FEMTE VEGGEN (The Fifth Wall) was KOMMANDO's third project. This time it was graffiti, public space, how society treats minority's expressions that was the focus of their attention.

It consisted of a large graffiti painting and legal wall on the back side of Bergen Kunsthall (the gallery's "fifth wall"), political work, concerts and debates and a lot of media work. It was the biggest cultural story in the local and national press that summer (2003) and probably one of the best covered art projects in Norway the last ten years. The slogan was "Maybe not less graffiti, but better graffiti" (Kanskje ikke mindre graffiti, men bedre graffiti).

In 2004, KOMMANDO proposed a strategy for graffiti and street art in Bergen (Norwegian) and 7 years later, the municipality of Bergen adopted most of this strategy in their 4 year plan for graffiti and street art in Bergen (Norwegian).

The plan has an audacious goal:

"Bergen shall be a leading center for graffiti as a form of expression,
both in Norwegian and Nordic context.
The premises for the work of graffiti and street art should be
governed by the expression's visual and expressive character."

Here are some of the highlights in the strategy:

- Central and local legal walls for graffiti and street art

- Quick removal of unwanted graffiti

- No criminal persecution of graffiti artists, except in grave cases

- A coordinator for the graffiti strategy, employed by the municipality

- A yearly price for the best piece

A lot of documentation is sleeping with the old pages of KOMMANDO, and some is put below too.

Most of the documentation is in Norwegian, but here is a brief recollection what happened in the summer of 2003:

The 10th of May 2003, Fløibanen, the tram connecting the city centre with the closest mountain, was bombed with the words HIP HOP DON'T STOP. Since this tram is almost sacred to the people of Bergen, KOMMANDO was certain that zero tolerance on graffiti would be very close. A sergant from the New York Police Department, Robert Barrow, even held a lecture on his city's "successful" zero tolerance for the police and politicians in Bergen.

KOMMANDO recorded the lecture and Pål Nappen cut parts of it into his song SGT ROBERT BARROW:


To prevent zero tolerance, Morten Kvamme and Jørgen Larsson persuaded Bergen Kunsthall to let them use the back side of the house for a large graffiti project. Using local and national media, KOMMANDO argued that graffiti should be allowed as a part of the city's expressions. There was also a lot of time put into political work, to get the message accross to politicians and decision makers. The public part of the project then consisted of these parts:

1. A very good band of artists who painted pieces on the high part of the wall: Coderock, Much, Pay2, Sean66, Duck and Goal.
2. An exhibition of the band's tags on canvas in Bergen Kunsthall during the week of painting.
3. Friday there was a debate about graffiti at Landmark. DJ's and dancers.
4. The grand opening of the wall, DJs and dancers.
5. After the grand opening, the lower part of the wall was open for anyone to paint the next 9 months.
6. The wall had been waxed with anti-graffiti wax, and was sprayed off with hot water after 9 months.

The taking down of the wall created a gap and need for a long term legal graffiti wall. KOMMANDO opened a permanent wall at SENTRALBADET half a year later.

A debate between the leader of the city council in Oslo, Erling Lae, and the leader of the city council in Bergen, Anne-Grete Strøm-Erichsen on national radio the 2nd of August 2003:


A collection of pictures is HERE

Some of the media coverage from when the heat was on:

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