Sound design and technical development for Anna Hegdahl's dance performance Tilføyelser (2015-2016).

Sound design and technical development for Nils Petter Molvær's Lucid Dream (2014-2015).

A kinetic sculpture with 500 vibrator motors, wooden spoons and black pingpong balls (2014). 

A kinetic sculpture with 2 motors, LP records, ultrasound speaker, suitcases and coloured water (2013).

Music and interactive experiments for a dance performance by Trine Saltermark (2013).

A four screen video and sound installation in a room formed as a ninja star (2011).

A sound sculpture created in the shell of an old radio. (2010).

Sound design for a performance by Per Roar (2010).

An installation with moving pendulum speakers (2009). Height: 8 m. 

An installation with glass falling and breaking, reacting to the screams from the audience. (2009)

12 channel installation for international leaders autotuned to chorals of JS Bach. (2009)

Vinyl on Vinyl (2007) is an automatic remix tool made in vinyl film. It consists of a piece of precut vinyl film to stick on a LP for an physical remix.

Sleppet was a project which brought 6 artists to the Norwegian west coast to create new works based on their experiences and documentation from the ten days' trip.

RASP is a piece for The Augmented Piano, a setup with grand piano, microphones, computer and 17 speakers.

(In the Ring) was commisioned by The Borealis Festival. It was a piece for four marching bands, computer processing, large 4 channel PA and a public space.

Multichannel sound design for Per Roar's performance, part 3 of his trilogy. (2006)

A public space project involving public telephones and an installation of old grey telephones. (2006)

In 2001: A Space Odyssey, the ship computer HAL sings about Daisy in "A bicycle built for two" as he is dying. This Swan song can be a backdrop for Crashing Happy. It became a CD released in 2006 five years after the initial publication of the sound examples below.

"But, I also enjoy cooking, and culture" is a 6 feet video tower recontextualizing rating/dating sites.

Lydbank (Soundbank) was a one day group exhibition of sound based works in a bank in Bergen, November 2005.